Application for Pre-Cleared Access

If you already hold a national or international security clearance as a part of your employment, admission can be fast-tracked. Using pre-cleared access facilitates rapid access to the site to register for training and benefits directly. Please note that although your security clearance will be verified through your employer, academic membership is exclusively for individuals. Organisations seeking corporate contracts and groups looking to enrol multiple delegates should not apply via this form but make enquiries directly with the head of the training and directing staff.

If you wish to pursue professional registration, attend any training courses or avail yourself of any of the means by which the Institute supports serving and aspiring intelligence personnel, you must first apply for access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is accompanied by at least a provisional academic membership free of charge and without obligation. The application form below will provide enough detail to verify your credentials. But as entry is competitive, please remember to supply sufficient details of your recent employment, academic qualifications and professional memberships in your supporting statement but free of any information that might identify you personally.

The e-mail address you provide must be from an official mailbox e.g.,, .gov.xx, etc. Please take care not send sensitive information over the internet. If information on this application is sensitive, sanitise it before sending and mention in your supporting statement that information has been omitted. Please also be aware that if you use a pseudonym, that name will be linked to you throughout your registration and any official documentation will be issued to you in that name.

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