Research Assistance

In the subject of Intelligence Studies, finding sources for academic research can be incredibly difficult. Especially those with current knowledge. However, the Institute’s position as a regulating body makes it uniquely positioned to make a meaningful contribution to academic research, specifically by arranging contacts or interviews with sources who possess a current knowledge of Human Intelligence practice.

Because of the nature of certification, registrants must be engaged in ongoing Intelligence practice in order to remain on the register. Specialists must be engages in ongoing Intelligence practice specifically within the human or signals/cyber domain. The Institute has contributed towards both historical and contemporary academic research in this field and will continue to do so. Offering students and researchers secure and compartmentalised access to the most sensitive parts of strategic policy making.

The Institute can also offer research assistance to scholars by providing limited access to its founding research. A capability study on the development of European Human Intelligence training from the end of the second world war to the present day, which ultimately resulted in the development of the competence framework for European Intelligence. Students and researchers alike should remember that the development of research and the framework are ongoing as the demands the industry places on professionals constantly change.

The Intelligence Academy represents the sole point of contact for external academic partners seeking research support.