The Intelligence Academy offers support to Intelligence students and researchers in the form of an unofficial membership package available for the duration of their enrolment in any accredited Intelligence degree at a recognised university or on an approved training qualification. The membership does not confer official status or access to the benefits of registration, however, to a limited degree the membership affords non-preferential:

  • Assistance with insurance for exercises or assessments: If undertaking training and readiness exercises with the Intelligence Academy in order to augment studies with professional development, the Institute will provide guidance on obtaining the necessary insurance and legal assistance.
  • Expert advice and interviews for research purposes: When producing a thesis or dissertation, original sources can be difficult to locate. Securing their consent and cooperation can be even more complicated. However, the Institute is in an ideal position to arrange interviews with registrants in support of their research.
  • Access to student-only events and networking opportunities: The Intelligence Academy can arrange networking events across Europe to help connect students with similar research and professional interests.
  • Proof-reading and academic advisory services: The Intelligence Academy offers academic advisory services to student members. Documents must be supplied and feedback is provided electronically.
  • Professional advice in securing your first intelligence role: If you are seeking a career in government, academia, the private sector and more, the directing staff can provide useful insights into the recruitment and selection preferences of various European organisations.
  • Access to library resources: Preferential access to library resources is afforded to registrants. However, with sufficient notice and a specific query our staff may be able to assist you with literary sources for your research.

As an approved provider, all Intelligence Academy candidates automatically qualify for the academic membership package for the duration of their enrolment.