The Institute entrance exam is designed to assess the competency framework for general or specialist registration under strict examination conditions. As a result the exam is usually undertaken on-site directly after having completed the relevant training.

The general exam consist of three parts corresponding to the three core competency domains; intelligence operations, intelligence analysis and intelligence management. The specialist exam consists of seven parts corresponding to each of the core competency domains for human-domain specialists; intelligence interviewing, protective intelligence, informant management, undercover operations, counterintelligence, surveillance and hostile environments.

The examinations are closed-book, multiple choice and consist of 10 questions per section. Each question presents five possible answers, only one of which will be correct. It is Intelligence Academy policy to allow approximately 90 seconds per multiple choice question in its exams with a minimum examination time of 15 minutes and a maximum length of 3 hours. The general exam lasts 30 minutes, while the specialist exam lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

After passing the entrance exam, your first certificate should be issued automatically and you should be entered onto the appropriate register. To renew a certificate fill in the form in the registrants area at least one month before expiry.