Library Resources

The Academy Library is a modest but unique collection of intelligence reference material illustrating importance of the development of intelligence across multiple sectors. The ever-growing collection of volumes is dedicated to the development of theoretical approaches to human intelligence practice.

The collection contains a range of intelligence texts, including:

  • Intelligence and security history and institutions.
  • Reference texts and journals including the International Journal of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence.
  • Human intelligence and surveillance theory and practice.
  • Military history of the troubles in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 2007.
  • Police and military intelligence operations theory.
  • Language and culture.
  • Intelligence analytic tradecraft.

The library is available to registrants and authorised personnel for reference only and general enquiries may be made into suitable texts by making a request to a member of faculty. Subject to copyright restrictions, copies and citations of the relevant material can be provided and sent to the lender by e-mail or by post. Registrants will have to pay for postage and make a copyright declaration.

Copyright Restrictions

The generally accepted limits for copying within academic fair dealing (non-commercial) are:

  • One copy of one article in a serial publication.
  • One copy of one chapter of a monograph.
  • Not more than 5% of any one text.
  • Copies may not be distributed further by the borrower.

Outside these terms copyright protects the author from duplication of their work for 70 years after their death. Anonymous or corporate works are in copyright for 70 years after publication.

The Librarian may refuse copying on the basis of copyright or the protection of fragile works. Digital copying carries no charge but photocopying is charged at .15c per A4 sheet.