Application for Level 1 Vetting & Access

If you wish to attend events designed for wider audiences with lower clearance requirements, you must first apply for access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is accompanied by at least a provisional academic membership free of charge and without obligation so that you can log-in to the site and register for training and benefits directly. Note that academic membership is exclusively for individuals. Organisations seeking corporate contracts and groups looking to enrol multiple delegates should not apply via this form but make enquiries directly with the head of the training and directing staff.

To gain access to the platform you will be asked to provide details of your current or most recent employment and highest academic qualification in the application form below. You may not anonymise this application as personal data is required for security vetting purposes. However, you must not send sensitive information over the internet and will not be required to account for any period of time under the age of 18, when a ward of the state or when such a disclosure might divulge matters subject to legal privilege. So, if your application is particularly sensitive, please contact the head of the training and directing staff to arrange an application by other channels. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

1. Applicant Details

You are required to disclose citizenships, date and place of birth, gender, place of residency, full name and any known alias’ or other names by which you are known for vetting purposes. Other information in this section is used for contact details.


2. Professional History

You are required to supply details regarding your current or most recent employment. If you are subject to any work, residency or study restrictions in the European Union, please also mention this in your supporting statement.


3. Academic Qualifications

Please ensure that details of your highest level and most recent qualifications are included in your application. Any additional details of relevant qualifications may also serve to support your application.


4. References

Referees with knowledge of your academic and professional fitness must also be willing to support your application by providing a letter of reference by e-mail. These references should be official with e-mail accounts liked to their institution and may not be related to you. You must alert your referee to your application and provide their contact details here so that our vetting officers can contact them directly to verify your qualifications, employment, security standing, etc.


5. Disclaimers & Waivers