Application for Level 1 VLE Access

If you wish to enrol in open events such as short courses or continued professional development or make use of any of the means by which the Institute supports the public, you must first apply for access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is accompanied by at least a provisional academic membership free of charge and without obligation. This process provides the necessary admission and the means to log-in to the site and register for training and benefits directly. Academic membership is exclusively for individuals. Organisations and groups should not apply via this form but make enquiries directly with the head of the training and directing staff.

In the application form below you will be asked to submit anonymised details free of any information that could identify you personally. In the absence of the usual security investigation accompanying applications for more sensitive programmes, Level 1 applicants will find their access highly restricted within the VLE. Although it is possible to upgrade a clearance at any time, students cleared at Level 1 should check before enrolling in available programmes to ensure they have the correct clearance to access the necessary content. Otherwise, they may experience some delays while the necessary clearance is being arraged.

Please do not send sensitive information over the internet. If information in your application is sensitive, sanitise it before sending and inform the recipient that information has been omitted.

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