Application for Level 2 VLE Access

If you wish to pursue professional registration, attend any training courses or avail yourself of any of the means by which the Institute supports serving and aspiring intelligence personnel, you must first apply for access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is accompanied by at least a provisional academic membership free of charge and without obligation. This process provides the necessary clearance, admission and the means to log-in to the site and register for training and benefits directly. Academic membership is exclusively for individuals. Organisations and groups should not apply via this form but make enquiries directly with the head of the training and directing staff.

In the application form below you will be asked to submit anonymised details of your recent employement, academic qualifications and professional memberships free of any information that could identify you personally. In the absence of a security clearance at the restricted (R), confidential (C), secret (S) or top secret (TS) level or an equivalent enhanced security investigation, written authority at the UN ASG, NATO OF-6 or EU DDG level will be accepted. Otherwise you will be required to obtain a letter of good conduct from your local police station and contact supply their contact e-mail address for verification prior to further security vetting by the Institute.

Referees who have knowledge of your academic, professional and possibly medical fitness must also support your application by providing a letter of reference by e-mail. These references should be official and may not be from a relative. You must alert your referee to your application and include their contact details so our vetting officers can contact them directly. Your referees will be asked to verify your qualifications, memberships, security clearance, etc. Please do not send sensitive information over the internet. If information on your documentation is sensitive, sanitise it before sending and inform the recipient that information has been omitted.

1. Applicant Details


2. Professional History

Applicants should include their most current employment or their most recent employer (if currently unemployed) as a miminum. If you are applying with a police letter of good conduct please supply as much additional detail on previous employers as possible for vetting purposes.


3. Academic Qualifications

Please ensure that details of your highest level qualification are included in your application. If applying with a police letter of good conduct details of any time in full-time education should also be included for vetting purposes. Any additional details of relevant qualifications may also serve to support your application.


4. Professional Memberships

Details of membership to any accredited or unaccredited learned societies or professional associations/bodies with relevant professional purposes are included here. Your assessment for admission to such organisations may lend weight to your application or serve to establish credibility for vetting purposes if applying with a police letter of good conduct.


5. References


6. Disclaimers & Waivers