The Academy Online

A number of training courses are offered online via this learning platform and others, either independently of other study or in conjunction with attendance programmes.

Online Courses

The following courses are available through the Institute's Intelligence Academy Online and applications are considered throughout the year.

Language & Culture

An intensive language programme in Russian, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Pashto, Kurdish, Urdu or other languages in common use by strategic threats to the union. This module is provided in partnership with external specialists and unlike other optional training is a requirement for human-domain specialisation.

 Not currently available

Intelligence Foundations

Building a basic awareness of intelligence as a profession, function, organisation, sector and system, the course is essential in laying the groundwork for further training and education.


Intelligence Security

The core tenets of security in an intelligence context are covered throughout this course. Security obligations are covered from the individual to the organisational level with a focus on building security concepts and awareness.



Coming Soon

The following courses are not yet available for enrolment but will be available soon. Expressions of interest are being accepted via the contact form on this site. If you contact us, courses in demand will be prioritised and you will be informed by e-mail as soon as your desired course becomes available.

Intelligence Reporting Standards External €135
Intelligence Preparation of the Environment External €135
Operational Planning Moodle €135
Covert Communications Moodle €135
Intelligence Behaviour & Ethics External €135
Intelligence Support to Operations External €135
Imagery Intelligence External €135
Covert Tactics Moodle €135
Counter-Piracy External €135