Expanded development training is intensive and designed to European standards with the busy consumer in mind. These dynamic and highly targeted programmes minimise disruption to operational commitments through the intense delivery of subject matter. Courses can be delivered to corporate clients on their own schedule or to individuals as open-seat programmes. Courses are one or two weeks in duration and are often completed with additional distance-learning requirements.

Readiness Exercises

The Institute organises a number of training exercises in order to war-game scenarios or test intelligence preparedness. Exercises run throughout the year online, on-site at Institute facilities and in the field.

Learning Environment

As a dynamic service provider prepared to meet the demands of any consumer the Institute places the requirements of its students at the forefront of its learning strategy. Modern learners demand an iconic learning environment at the heart of the European establishment at competitive prices.

Students of the Institute find themselves immersed in intelligence history as they undertake some of the most intense intelligence training of their professional lives. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the Institute delivers state of the art training and consultancy with excellent support services.

The Institute requires its venue providers to provide a flexible learning space, adaptable to any teaching plan, including:

  • Fully equipped lecture hall, individual classrooms and syndicate rooms with breakout areas.
  • Conference and presentation facilities such as projectors, smart boards, and DVD players.
  • Networked computer facilities with office software.
  • Dining facilities and accommodation within walking distance of the learning centres.
  • Local recreation services such as a fitness facility, sports equipment, internet cafe or games room.
  • Nearby public transport or shuttle services if in a remote location.

The Institute provides specialised equipment and services such as encrypted radios, database access, identification, security, weapons and other specialised equipment.

The Academy Online

A number of training courses are offered online, either independently of other study or in conjunction with attendance programmes as Optional Training Assessments (OTA's).