Register as an Individual

After acquiring a current un-restricted or specialised certificate an applicant is automatically considered for professional registration unless they request otherwise. Registration lapses after twelve months, but is easily renewed.

Individual registrants enjoy a range of benefits that help them develop their skills, build knowledge, networks and gain professional support and recognition in covert intelligence. Educational institutions or other organisations can also join to develop their staff as a whole, gain organisational recognition and connect the workplace to intelligence resources and capabilities across Europe.

Please ensure that when completing the application form at the bottom of this page, your application clearly demonstrates the following:

  • A minimum of 3-5 years of experience (depending upon citizenship and residency) in the field you are applying for, with each year consisting of no less than 450 hours.
  • At least 60 hours of continuous professional development in the last year.
  • An Intelligence degree where the majority of content focuses on the field applied for, another relevant degree covering aspects of that field or a relevant professional programme of study no less than one year in length.
  • SIGINT/Cyber Only: Professional membership to a chartered or certified organisation in a STEM field where admission is granted under similar requirements to that of the institute (e.g. experience, education and examination). Together with further specialisation within that organisation in the field of SIGINT or Cyber domains.

Official Logos

As a regulatory body the Institute has strict rules concerning affiliation of any kind with the Institute. It is only permissible to present a recognised status or the accompanying logo on documents issued on behalf of the Institute, on the professional stamp and on the letterheads of the Institute, its affiliates and licensed institutions. The Institute may also grant permission to use the logo in press articles and news items relating to the Institute on a case by case basis. Logos are available in different sizes, colours and formats upon request.

Professional Registrants: Logo for any individual upon the professional register (generalists and specialists shown left). The Institute offers professional designations and accompanying logos exclusively available to registrants to emphasise their professional status.

Making an Application

In the application form below you will be asked to submit anonymised details of your recent employement, academic qualifications and professional memberships free of any information that could identify you personally.

In the absence of a security clearance at the restricted (R), confidential (C), secret (S) or top secret (TS) level or an equivalent enhanced security investigation, written authority at the UN ASG, NATO OF-6 or EU DDG level will be accepted. Otherwise you will be required to obtain a letter of good conduct and contact e-mail address from your local police station prior to further security vetting by the Institute.

Referees who have knowledge of your academic, medical and professional fitness must also support your application by providing letters of reference. These references should be official and may not be from a relative. You must alert your referee to your application and include their contact details so your assessor can contact them directly.

At a later date in the application process you will be asked to submit scanned copies of your qualifications, membership certificates, security clearance certificates, etc. Do not send sensitive information over the internet. If information on your documentation is sensitive, sanitise it before sending and inform the recipient that information has been omitted.

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