Accredit a Programme

The Institute is primarily a professional body and does not look to compete with the educational or training providers it is its mission to support. As such Institute programmes are often delivered by accredited third parties. To be considered valid for certification, a qualification must be approved or accredited. To apply for approval or accreditation of your qualifications fill the contact form on our website taking care to include the following information:

  • The institution granting the qualification and its contact details
  • The name of the qualification to be considered
  • A link to the course syllabus (if available online)

Please not that you will be required to provide a course syllabus at a later date including specific learning objectives, assessment methods and course content. If individual module syllabus' break this information down further these should also be included in the document.

Approved Qualification

Any qualification awarded by any licensed or unlicensed entity, recognised by the Institute as meeting the competency requirements of one or more of the competency domains assessed in certification. Holders of approved qualifications are treated as if they held a corresponding Institute qualification for the purposes of certification.

Anyone holding or delivering the qualification may apply for approved status relating to it.

Accredited Degree

Any degree in Intelligence awarded by a licensed or unlicensed university, recognised by the Institute as meeting the requirements for certification. Graduates holding such a degree do not need further training or education prior to general registration.

Any graduate holding the degree or faculty member delivering it may apply for accredited status relating to it.

Official Logos

As a regulatory body the Institute has strict rules concerning affiliation of any kind with the Institute. It is only permissible to present a recognised status or the accompanying logo on documents issued on behalf of the Institute, on the professional stamp and on the letterheads of the Institute, its affiliates and licensed institutions. The Institute may also grant permission to use the logo in press articles and news items relating to the Institute on a case by case basis.

The Institute offers a number of designations and accompanying logos to education and training providers of approved qualifications and accredited degrees to emphasise their professional status and that their programmes have been recognised as counting towards professional registration and compliance with professional standards. Logos are available in different sizes, colours and formats upon request.

Approved Qualification

Logo for any qualification meeting one or more competency-based training requirements for registration.

Accredited Degree

Logo for any recognised degree meeting the requirements for registration.