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Although covert intelligence officers work across various areas, examination of expenditure reveals the majority of budgetary commitment is divided between signals intelligence (SIGINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT). The Institute focuses on the professionalisation of HUMINT activities as the domain of signals and cyber intelligence is already catered for through professional bodies such as engineering and mathematics.

In modern intelligence practice, intelligence professionals may find themselves operating across collection disciplines. Institute registers are therefore for all practicing intelligence professionals regardless of their primary focus. Registrants are recognised for their competence, ability and integrity. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals and are professionally accountable to the public.

You may verify the integrity of an individuals credentials by making a search against our database of registrants at the link below:

Registrant Database (Online)

You may enquire with the Institute regarding the accreditation of higher education programmes and further education. All accredited institutions and programmes can display one or more of the approved logos. If you would like to learn more you can now apply online.

Fraudulent Claims

Falsely claiming Institute accreditation or registration is an offence under civil law. Legal action will be taken against all known offenders. Pending litigation, the details of organisations and individuals falsely claiming accreditation or registration will be listed here:

There are no current fraudulent claims cases.