The roles of intelligence practitioners are becoming increasingly technical and sophisticated. No longer asked to simply collect, analyse and disseminate. Intelligence professionals must be skilled in the application of technical solutions, knowledgable in specialised aspects of international law and confident in leading complex operations drawing on resources well beyond the scope of their own organisation. Challenges which require highly specialised skills and behaviours.

General Designation

The general designation is afforded to all registrants. It is a independent form of professional accreditation in the intelligence field evidencing experience, competence and accountability, supported by both quality assurance and regulation.

The designation offers employers and the public evidence of a defined level of experience, competence and integrity, granting assurance in appointment decisions. For practitioners aspiring to positions of responsibility within their profession, the general designation provides a highly competitive career advantage.

Specialist Designations

The specialist designation is afforded only to registrants who have fulfilled the additional education and experience requirements required for specialisation in a specific field. Including, a specialist exam and qualification. Such qualifications include technical charters, the Institute's specialist training and approved or accredited equivalencies. Examinations include the Institute's specialist exam and other certifying examinations in a specialist intelligence field.

The specialist designation is an independent, quality assured and regulated professional accreditation in a specific intelligence domain. It provides verifiable evidence of experience, competence and accountability in that highly specialised intelligence field.

Specialist designations assure the public and employers of the experience, competence and integrity of those they trust in their most sensitive roles. For any intelligence specialist aspiring to the height of professional expertise, there is no substitute for the mastery and influence that specialist designation commands.

Currently the Institute develops and accredits human-domain specialists and recognises signals/cyber-domain specialists from other professional bodies. The Institute has plans to develop its recognition of specialists in emerging and historical technical fields in the future.