Professional registration is offered to both general intelligence practitioners and specialists within covert domains. Certification for registration is renewed every 12 months and is easily applied for online.

Professional registration with the Institute confers official status and the full range of supporting benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Secure and covert communications: Registrants may access the Institute's covert communications and courier network capable of handling material at the highest levels of sensitivity.
  • Publications: Access to the latest Institute publications including professional standards, codes and the latest editions of the Institute's magazine and newsletter.
  • European recognition: Officially recognising Institute registrants, accredited degrees and approved qualifications throughout Europe under common legislative frameworks.
  • Insurance and finance: Insurance for various intelligence-centric contingencies can be provided via the Institute together with a financial support infrastructures and options in support of registrants operating in various environments.
  • Certificate renewal: Annual certificates can be renewed easily by filling in an online form.
  • Professional expertise: Independently recognised professional and academic expertise in general and specialist Intelligence fields.
  • Salary enhancements: With regular, verifiable and independent capability assessments, a guarantee of current skill, knowledge and integrity in their area, and having made a profound statement of dedication to their discipline, employers consistently trust registrants above others in positions of responsibility and expertise. In addition, registrants are also eligible for Institute remuneration packages if they elect to take on additional oversight responsibilities.
  • Venues and events: Access to secure venues for a registrants own events and specialist Institute registrant events throughout Europe.
  • Quality assurance: By independently providing expert verification of competency, the Institute guarantees fitness to practice and act in the public interest.
  • Professional support: A network of professional registrants stands ready to assist their colleagues with administrative, intelligence or executive support worldwide.
  • Library resources: A modest but unique and ever-growing collection of intelligence reference material illustrating the importance of the development of intelligence across multiple sectors.
  • Intelligence card: Promoting the mobility of intelligence professionals by providing a portable document validating registration and credentials.
  • Discounts and reciprocity: Reciprocal benefits, discounts and offers from affiliated, licensed, assured and other organisations.
  • Registrant network: An extensive network of intelligence professionals capable of providing expertise, advice and assistance around the world.
  • Awards and scholarships: Gain access to special scholarships in support of further studies and awards specifically for registered intelligence professionals.
  • Careers portal: The Institute's careers portal lists both internal and external vacancies that are held exclusively for registrants across Europe.

For more details on the benefits of individual registration and how to apply visit our registration pages.