Professional registration with the Institute confers official status and the full range of supporting benefits, including but not limited to:

  • European recognition: Officially recognising Licensed Institutions, Independently Assured Organisations and Professional Affiliates throughout Europe under common legislative frameworks.
  • Insurance and finance: Corporate insurance for various intelligence-centric contingencies can be provided via the Institute together with financial support infrastructures and options in support of various operating environments.
  • Open renewal: Under special conditions, some organisations can automatically renew certificates or have them awarded on an open-ended basis subject to audit.
  • Venues and events: Access to secure venues for confidential events and specialist Institute corporate events throughout Europe.
  • Quality assurance: independently recognised as meeting professional standards. Capabilities are quality assured by independent qualified assessors against industry standards, guaranteeing fitness to practice and act in the public interest.
  • Professional recognition: Independent, expert, professional and official recognition in line with industry competency requirements with designations that uniquely differentiate your institution ands its services.
  • Service enhancement: Increasing the quality of services and value proposition to clients. Specifically with regards to ethics, oversight, capability and competency.
  • Registrant network: Access to a network of intelligence professionals who need the services you provide and understand their value.
  • Public support: The rank and status of professional registration is a solemn pledge to maintain professional standards as expected by the public and evidence of leadership, integrity and excellence. It safeguards society and justly inspires confidence and the public trust.
  • Licensing: The right to admit certain personnel to the general or specialist register depending upon the terms of admission, and issue credentials accordingly.
  • Secure and covert infrastructure: Providing access to covert communications and courier networks capable of handling the most sensitive material.
  • Careers portal: Enabling organisations to attract the best talent in their field by advertising their vacancies and contracts on the external portal for registrants.

The fees for Institutional registration vary depending upon the budget or turnover of the organisation or part thereof seeking registration.