Supported by a global network of highly trained intelligence professionals with decades of experience the Institute boasts a formidable capability across the full spectrum of Intelligence activity. Whatever the nature of consultancy, from developing innovative technology, conducting training, managing single operations or building an ongoing Intelligence capability, all solutions are bespoke to the clients individual needs.

A team will be selected from a diverse pool of experts whose capabilities uniquely address the task at hand. Every Institute representative will have long experience using highly sensitive information to solve solving multi-dimensional problems in complex environments. The team will consist of highly qualified Institute registrants adhering to the highest ethical principles, professional standards and subject to intrusive oversight.

Our customer-centric approach to requirements management not only minimises mission creep but guarantees customer satisfaction and optimal results. The Institute is also unique in its innovative, pan-European, multi-sector approach to capability development. The skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviours developed with the Institute will be as equally applicable to undercover journalism in eastern Europe as military intelligence in the west.

Due to its positioning, one of the more unique services the Institute is capable of offering is advanced security vetting. Moving well beyond background checks, vetting involves the application of covert methodology and technology normally reserved for the application of government security clearances but applied on an international scale. Vetting decisions are made based on investigative profiling and risk analysis with the aim of protecting individuals, organisations and states from insider threats.

Highly specialised, international, bespoke training is also available for private clients. Some of these programmes previously organised include:

All training is designed to address specific individual, unit and organisational capability requirements in line with the European competency framework for Intelligence. The Institute draws a focus towards leadership, ethics, risk, policy and tactics.

The Institute brings advanced tools, techniques and expertise to environments that require the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion. Our unique role in European Intelligence enables us to address budgeting challenges, innovation gaps, recruitment and procurement shortfalls and other strategic demands in the interests of European security.