The Institute was established as an unincorporated association in 2015 to regulate the intelligence profession across Europe. The Institute is governed by the Inspectorate, a temporary committee formed to investigate wrongdoing in the industry in response to specific complaints. Our core purpose is to set and maintain the regionally recognised standards for professional competence and conduct across Europe.

Institute leadership is designed to be both flexible and adaptive to the consistently changing needs of the intelligence and security environment. Centrally, operations follow a collegial model, with decision-making carried out by committees and sub-committees. Field operations are more of a geographically focused hierarchical bureaucracy with local stations being directed by regional controllerates. The central committee is the highest level of leadership, consisting of the most senior officials of the Institute.

Our Vision

That society maintains confidence and trust in the intelligence profession.

Our Mission

To maintain internationally recognised standards of competence and conduct for the intelligence profession and to license competent institutions to champion those standards for the public good.

Our Partners

The size and diversity of global intelligence means no one professional body can represent the whole sector. There are currently professional bodies specialising in various segments such as signals intelligence, law-enforcement analysis, intelligence analysis, cyber and more. Representatives from the intelligence profession are collectively recognised as the intelligence community. Intelligence functions across a number of organisations such as government, industry, academia, non-profits to name just a few.