You Said, We Did!

As providers one of our biggest challenges is that we never hear from potential students who never made the choice to pursue professional development with us. We have done our best to respond to client feedback so that we can constantly improve our programmes. In the last few years we have lowered prices, introduced additional aftercare benefits, restructured learning and improved accessibility and student support. But to improve, we need to hear from you, even if you have never studied with us.

At the Institute we take great pride in how we respond to feedback from members, the public and industry. We respond to all formal and informal feedback we receive and implement solutions at the earliest opportunity in order to improve our services as quickly as possible. As registrants, practitioners and the public your opinions matter to us and if you choose to engage with the Institute your views will shape Institute practice and society.

But don’t take our word for it. Evidence of how seriously we take your feedback and how we respond to it is included in our “You Said, We Did!” updates below:

We have previously provided discounts for booking early on attendance-only programmes, and would do so again. However, these "early-bird" discounts are inconsistent with the highly flexible blended learning courses we currently deliver. You are allowed to study at your own pace and may enroll at any time throughout the year. So there is no fixed start date for any course and as a result no early-booking either. However, early-bird discounts and late-booking penalties still apply for fixed events.
When logging in on the website returning students will be able to claim additional individual discounts on future programmes. To do so a student must be logged in and make their purchase using the portal.
We have re-structured some of the most costly elements of the covert courses, mainly replacing training on current covert technology with simulated equivalents. As a result we managed to reduce the cost of covert programmes by approximately €1,500. However, as sensitive material must be delivered in person and with special security measures in place, the cost of running such programmes is inherently higher.
Previously, the pre-requisites for covert courses were very high as there was an assumption amongst the directing staff that clients would be working towards professional registration and unfortunately this placed individuals who wished to exploit Institute training purely out of professional development at a disadvantage. We have subsequently re-structured the content of our covert programmes to deliver as much pre-requisite content as possible in the programmes themselves rather than in pre-qualifying courses. As a result the pre-requisites have dropped considerably. Graduates of the EUIOC, EUIAC or EUIMC may now enrol directly on the EUHEC, EUPPC, EU3IC, EUAHC and EUUOC programmes without having to undertake further training.
It is true that the majority of study support is afforded to registrants as the Institute is a membership-based society and must therefore more favourably represent its members. However, after concluding negotiations in 2018 the Training and Directing Staff secured an allowance from the Institute for a hardship fund covering a percentage of the course costs proportionate to the living wage in the student’s country of residence. Any potential student may apply for the hardship fund.
Lecture time on Intelligence History has now been replaced with historical case-studies. This allowed extra time to be devoted to a new module on European Law and Institutions.

Thanks for the Feedback

We are glad for the feedback we receive, and thank you for taking the time to give us your opinions. Unfortunately, due to the demands placed upon our staff we cannot respond in person to every response we receive. However, if we identify a theme emerge in the responses or a particularly innovative idea that would improve our services presents itself our response will always appear in the list above.