Exercise Application Form

In the application form below you will be asked to submit anonymised details of your recent employement, academic qualifications and professional memberships free of any information that could identify you personally.

In the absence of a security clearance at the restricted (R), confidential (C), secret (S) or top secret (TS) level or an equivalent enhanced security investigation, written authority at the UN ASG, NATO OF-6 or EU DDG level will be accepted. Otherwise you will be required to obtain a letter of good conduct and contact e-mail address from your local police station prior to further security vetting by the Institute.

Referees who have knowledge of your academic, medical and professional fitness must also support your application by providing letters of reference. These references should be official and may not be from a relative. You must alert your referee to your application and include their contact details so your assessor can contact them directly.

At a later date in the application process you will be asked to submit scanned copies of your qualifications, membership certificates, security clearance certificates, etc. Do not send sensitive information over the internet. If information on your documentation is sensitive, sanitise it before sending and inform the recipient that information has been omitted.

Public or private institutions should not apply via this form but make enquiries with the head of the training and directing staff directly.

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